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FAQ of Windows

26 Desember 2010

Q: Would you like to use windows based OS?
A: Yes, i love windows 7 and XP. But no to Vista. I use windows 7 and xp. But i tried Ubuntu, Freebsd GUI version, and MAC, but i still love Windows 7 for now. I hope Ubuntu can catch up, and probably i will switch to Ubuntu later.

Q: Would you like to use IE9 as your default browser?
A: Never, never, never and NEVER

Q: Why?
A: (1.) Very Slow, when loading a web page or initial load. (2.) No good extension. (3.) Very difficult to create html code that can run well in ie. I use Chrome. Now Chrome is no 2 best browser in the world. Check this out.

Q: Would you like to have Windows based Mobile Phone?
A: Never. Why should i have windows phone, where Iphone or Android based Phone is better?

Q: Do you like Microsoft as a company?
A: I don’t like. Microsoft has earn a lot of money. But they seldom really create free application like Google does. You can try it and you would love it. (1)Google Reader, (2)Goole Mail, (3)Google Wave, (4)Google Site, (5)Google Docs

Q: How About Microsoft Office?
A: It’s no doubt that MS Office is one of the best in the world. But everyday i open google docs because i can access it everywhere. I use both office and google docs. I think MS Office is the best word or spreadsheet editor. But i support Google to be the best.

Q: Do you like XBOX?
A: Actually i don’t really know what is XBOX. The only thing i know about XBOX is it’s a console for playing game, play DVD, see my picture etc. But if i should choose, i prefer Nintendo DS.

Q: So overall, do you like Microsoft?
A: Mikocok? As i explained above, you can decide whether i like or not 🙂

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